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What is sin?

Sin is self-centered living, as opposed to God-centered living. Self-centered living is living for ourselves and what we want instead of living for what God wants; the focus of our life is ourselves instead of God. Sin isn’t limited to things we do intentionally – like choosing to harm someone or refusing to do what we know He wants us to do. It is also unintentionally leaving God out of the things we do.

What does it mean to make Jesus “Lord of our life”?

Allowing Jesus to be our Lord, means that we let Him be the boss. All areas of our life, from career decisions to how we treat to people, are under His control and influenced by His place in our life.

What does it mean to respond to what Christ did for us?

We respond by doing something as a result of believing these truths. We can do this any number of ways, but commonly our response begins with a prayer. Just talk to God and in your own words, acknowledge your need for Him and thank Him for paying the penalty for your sin and forgiving you. Tell Him that you now want Him to control your life.

What does it mean to “be saved”?

A person is saved when they respond to the gospel, or good news of God’s offer of salvation.

What if we don’t see the evidence of salvation in our lives? Does that mean we’re not really saved?

If we cannot see fruit in our life, it MAY be indicative of a lack of sincere faith. If you feel this might be the case, talk to a spiritual friend or leader. Sometimes we are tricked into thinking we don’t have fruit so we’ll doubt our faith, when in fact, there is fruit in our life. A mature Christian friend can help us see the fruit we feel might be missing. Or, if we really aren’t exhibiting fruit, they can help direct us to do what needs to be done.

Is there such thing as purgatory (a place for people who were good people, but weren’t saved)?

The Bible doesn’t make any mention of a “neutral” place for good-but-not-saved people, so while it’s a nice idea, we can’t count on its existence.

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